The Quasar RedShift Controversy

We present a brief survey of some non-cosmological redshift evidence not often discussed by the astronomical community. We explain the reasoning behind each observation, some of the suppositions involved and the most often cited defence. The simplest solution to all these paradoxes is based on the plasma laser star interpretation of quasars.

  1. Significant quasar proper motion
  2. P-Cygni emission lines present in some quasar spectra
  3. Helium discontinuities present in some quasar spectra
  4. Shell star absorption lines present in some quasar spectra
  5. Wolf-Rayet emission lines found in the spectra of certain quasars
  6. Laser stars are detected by Hubble and Kuiper Airborne observatories
  7. Most quasars are naked! HST QSO images appear exactly like stars
  8. Quasar redshift versus apparent magnitude is random scatter diagram
  9. Simulated or 'fake' quasar spectra can be assigned a reasonable redshift
  10. Quasar with different z often found clustered together
  11. Superluminal motion
  12. Many quasars are extremely variable.
  13. Quasar jets similar to the jets from other stars in our galaxy.
  14. Redshift quantization
  15. Variable quasar emission line intensity ratios
  16. Stars older than the universe paradox
  17. Galaxies older than the universe paradox

We conclude that redshifts are empty numbers without physical significance. Therefore it is not the redshift which needs re-interpretation or yet another convenient facelift; the spectra itself must be carefully re-examined using basic principles without preconceptions. The simplest solution is that quasars are laser stars within our galaxy.

Due to the general lack of knowledge of plasma lasers, astronomers in the early sixties could perhaps be forgiven for their incorrect interpretation of quasar spectra. Today however, these lasers are well understood and ignorance of the laws of nature is no excuse for sloppy spectra interpretation. Yet astronomers still persist in overlooking laser action ?

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