Evidence for possible laser action in an x-ray line in the quasar PKS 0637-752

Varshni, Y.P. : 1999, Bull.Amer.Phys.Soc., Apr99 In a recent paper Yakoob et al. [Astrophys.J.Lett. 505, L87 (1998)] have reported the results from an ASCA observation of PKS 0637-752 in the range 1.3-24.8 Å. Superimposed on the continuum is an emission line of wavelength 12.820.55 Å. We have proposed a theory of quasars [ Bull.A.P.S. 18, 1384 (1973); Astrophys. Space Sci. 37, L1 (1975); 46, 443 (1977); 117, 337 (1985); 153, 153 (1989); Phys. Canada 35, 11 (1979)] based on sound physical principles, which does not need the artificial assumption of redshifts and provides satisfactory explanations of the various phenomena associated with quasars. Here we interpret the observations of Yakoob et al. on the basis of our theory. In view of the fact that no other emission line was seen in the range 1.3-24.8 Å, it appears likely that some form of laser action is operating in the observed line. The most likely emitter appears to be Fe XX, which has a number of lines near 12.82 Å. It would be of interest to investigate if any of the other quasars which belong to the same spectral class (e.g., MARK 992, J1219+473, 2127-1319) also show this emission line.
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