Varshni,Y.P.: 1974, J.Roy.Astron.Soc.Canada, 68, 264.

The following question is raised: Are the numerical coincidences found between the ratios of wavelengths observed in QSOs and those in the wavelengths given in standard search list of lines, significantly more than what would be expected from chance coincidences ? QSOs having z >= 0.2 are considered. Rules for redshift fittings are described with reference to the 20 prominent lines in the search list. Computer experiments to simulate the spectra of two-emission-line QSOs are described. It is found that about 80 percent of the nonsense spectra can be assigned reasonable redshifts. Next, the redshift distribution of QSOs is calculated on the chance coincidence hypothesis and is found to be in broad accord with the observed one. It is concluded that the answer to the question raised in the opening sentence is in the negative. The plasma-laser star model (see Varshni and Lam, 1974) is discussed.

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