Laser Action in Quasi-Stellar Objects?

Varshni,Y.P.: 1973, Bull.Am.Phys.Soc., 18, 1384.

Analysis of the strong emission line data of 247 QSOs shows that these are consistent with the following hypotheses:(1) There is no redshift, (2) the composition of the emission region is the same as that of the Wolf-Rayet stars, and (3) there is laser action. Search is made for such wavelengths which satisfy the following criteria: (a) it occurs as a strong line in a QSO, (b) it occurs in Wolf-Rayet stars and the transition has been identified, and (c) laser action for this transition has been observed in the laboratory. This leads to the following identifications. 3748 , occurring in BSO 11 and RS 32, and 4349 , occurring in 3C 432 and PKS 1136-13, are both due to O II. 4515 observed in 3C 261, is due to N III, and 4652 , observed in PHL 1377, is probably due to C III.

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