Luyten,W.J. : 1969, A Search for Faint Blue Stars Paper 50, Univ. of Minnesota Observatory, Minneapolis.
Ever since the inception of my seaches for Faint Blue Stars I have tried to determine proper motions for as many of them as possible - for the simple reason that this is the most direct and reliable way to obtain information on the distribution of their luminosities. Thus, proper motions have been published in numerous issues of these publications. Now that my work on Faint Blue Stars has come to an end virtually and at the same time, the picture of the luminosities is beginning to clarify, it would seem worth while to gather all the information on the proper motions of these objects into a single publication.

Herewith are given, therefore, all proper motions I have derived for these faint blue stars; most of these motions were originally published in scattered issues of these same publications.

The Table which follows gives data for 951 stars, the first column showing the designation of the object, usually its HZ, LB, or PHL number, though I have used B.D. designations wherever possible and have retained the variable star designations for the SS Cygni variables and Novae measured in XXXVI. The next four columns give the position for 1950, the estimated photographic magnitude and the color. This last quatity is sometimes expressed by giving the spectral class but more often either by the color index estimated by my usual differential method, or by the two-color estimates Haro and I have given in the PHL catalogue. The next four colums give the components of proper motion in R.A. and Dec. each with their estimated mean errors as determined from internal disagreements on the several plates used. In each case I have applied appropriate corrections to reduce the motion from relative to absolute though admittedly, for very faint stars, measured relative to stars of the 17th and 18th photographic magnitude, these corrections are little more than guesswork. The last column gives the number of the previous publication were further details about the about the measures have been published. Here 'ApJ' refers to the list of proper motions published by Miller and myself for the HZ stars (1951 Ap.J., 114, 488.) and 'ms' refers to the revised, or new values for proper motions not yet published.

Minneapolis, Minnesota
10 August, 1969

The following table contains approximately 80 kilobytes of preformatted text :


The next table contains the quasar subset of this data extracted by Varshni et al. ( 1982, 1995) :


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